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Why you’ll own a 3D printer by 2015.

The world of text is becoming more and more obsolete. As we dive deep into the second decade of the new millennium, embracing new technology is simply another step towards the next great revolution. In this age of electronics, there are always new products to support the older products. For […]

Will the Tablet really be the death of the Laptop?

The market has been flooded with a multitude of gadgets that can ultimately make it difficult for consumers to decide which product is right for their needs. One case is laptops and tablets. Which device is superior? Can the tablet kill the market demand for laptops? It will be helpful […]

2014: Year of the Electric Car?

As a motor enthusiast of any kind, the phrase “electric car” probably makes your heart sink into your stomach. That is alright. It is a perfectly normal feeling. However, what if I told you that you could have the speed and power of a gas engine–not to mention a brand […]

5 NEW Internet Start-ups to Keep Your Eye On.

We live in an age where the internet has allowed individuals to connect with each other in virtually endless ways. Facebook shares pictures of friends; Twitter shares witticisms of strangers. With so much information and resource available to a single person, the next big idea is always just around the […]

Technology YOU will be wearing next year.

There is no doubt about it. It is taking over. Each and every day more and more innovations make it on to the wrists and into the gaze of your closest friends, relatives, and co-workers. Where is all this new wearable technology coming from and how do you get in […]