New Technology Movies that Will Hack your Mind

Movies have always been an outlet of creative minds. Some have even acted as a prediction of future events, in a way. Companies and entrepreneurs even admit to looking at such movies for inspiration. Films like these have often been popular because of their plot concepts and stunning visual effects. […]

Top 5 Gadgets Your College Grad Can’t Live Without

For all those going off to to the real world after college, it is essential to have certain items to make everything from work to social organization easier after your (hopefully) four years at university. Here are the top five: 1. Laptop- After four years in college, a laptop upgrade […]

5 Reasons FACEBOOK is keeping you from the job you want.

You are on the job search again and there is little on your resume that would prevent you from getting a job. You have all the right certifications, qualifications, and even an in with the boss’s favorite employee, but you are still not getting that job you want? There might […]

Why your iPhone knows more about you then your own Mother.

If you own an iPhone, it has been storing your location data since you first turned it on. Prior to iOS 4.0, general location data was stored in inaccessible files in the iPhone’s storage. The information was only accessible to Apple employees or those with jail broken iPhones who could […]

Could your iPhone land you in Jail?

Despite the ease of communication and incredible usefulness of your phone, you would be surprised how easily it could get you in trouble. On the chance that you commit a crime and make a phone call in the same day, you better tell the truth about where you were or […]

Why you’ll own a 3D printer by 2015.

The world of text is becoming more and more obsolete. As we dive deep into the second decade of the new millennium, embracing new technology is simply another step towards the next great revolution. In this age of electronics, there are always new products to support the older products. For […]

Will the Tablet really be the death of the Laptop?

The market has been flooded with a multitude of gadgets that can ultimately make it difficult for consumers to decide which product is right for their needs. One case is laptops and tablets. Which device is superior? Can the tablet kill the market demand for laptops? It will be helpful […]

2014: Year of the Electric Car?

As a motor enthusiast of any kind, the phrase “electric car” probably makes your heart sink into your stomach. That is alright. It is a perfectly normal feeling. However, what if I told you that you could have the speed and power of a gas engine–not to mention a brand […]