Task Apps: How American children are out-sourcing their chores online.

kids using mobile apps to outsource their choresHave you ever felt bogged down by all the daily work required to keep your house in order? Thanks to online outsourcing applications such as TaskRabbit, the tedious tasks such as house cleaning or handiwork can be offloaded to another person in your area for a fee. Don’t have the ability to go to the grocery store or just don’t have the desire to do chores yourself? TaskRabbit gives the ability to pawn off the duty to someone in your area, so long as you pay them. The way it works is someone posts a task that they need completed on the website and names the price they are willing to pay for the service. The posters are then matched up with individuals willing to complete the chore, “TaskRabbits,” who meet up and finish the job. The TaskRabbits can be anyone from college students trying to make a quick buck to stay-at-home moms. So for all the parents out there, next time you tell your kid to mow the lawn and happen to see a stranger with your lawn mower doing chores, he might just have been hired.

A variation to TaskRabbit is a website called “Fiverr”. The self-proclaimed “world’s largest market place for small services” allows posters to sell anything from services to homemade jewelry for $5. Everything that you didn’t know could be bought for $5 is bound to be on the website. For example, as of this writing, one top seller is offering to dress up as a “cute geek girl for $5” and say anything to a video camera. This is not exactly offloading chores, but there are some more realistic offerings for those of us who want to get work done. Tutoring, offering advice for parties and events, essay reviewing, or whatever the seller believes is worth $5 of their time is posted to the website. With such a simple premise, even children could start their own small time business of doing chores on the site.

These are not the only two websites that offer services to those in need. There are many websites online that offer to get chores done such as oneclickcleaners.com, a service that picks up and delivers laundry. Asksunday.com is not a website for physical chores, but rather supplies you with a virtual assistant for a multitude of online tasks. It isn’t just children that are able to offload their chores. There is bound to be a service for any age and job.

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