Care To Own A Glowbelt?

Wearable technology is the latest trend taking over the world, and one product you will likely be hearing a lot about is the Glowbelt. The Glowbelt is a compact LED belt that can be worn around your waist or attached to your backpack, bicycle, motorcycle, even inside your pockets. It […]

New Technology Movies that Will Hack your Mind

Movies have always been an outlet of creative minds. Some have even acted as a prediction of future events, in a way. Companies and entrepreneurs even admit to looking at such movies for inspiration. Films like these have often been popular because of their plot concepts and stunning visual effects. […]

Web Trends: What’s In For 2015?

The look and feel of the Web has come a long way from when it became highly accessible and part of our everyday life a few decades ago. If you want do more of remembering or looking back to the history of the web and web design, here is a full […]

Our Seniors Have Gone Techy!

Whoever said that technology and gadgets are only for the young? Today’s seniors are also just as updated with the latest in modern technology, and are finding ways to incorporate much of the new innovations into their lifestyles, making activities more convenient and efficient. Manufacturers and retailers are also recognizing […]